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Under the program, employers were required to provide health insurance information for their authorized workers and spouses to Medicare. CMS would send a questionnaire to employers asking the employer to indicate certain participation data. To meet the data request, the employer had to create an account with CMS. After the account was activated, the employer was required to provide information about its health plan and answer questions about the staff and participants involved. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") has suspended the IRS-SSA-CMS data reporting requirement for employers. The data monitoring program was designed to help CMS identify Medicare-eligible individuals who also had access to employer-funded benefits. The CMS website for data comparison reports has been shut down and CMS will no longer send letters to employers requesting data on employees and participants. If you have any questions, please contact your HUB Advisor. You can find other compliance items in our compliance directory.

Subsequently, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act ("MACRA") amended some of the Medicare Secondary Payer provisions of the Social Security Act to no longer require this information. Therefore, the IRS-SSA-CMS-CMS Data Match program has been removed. The importance of resolving them in the first 60 days, if possible, cannot be over-emphasized. This may mean that you need to train anyone who receives mail in your agency to recognize any of these letters sent by the COB&R CMS or the U.S. Treasury, treat them with the highest priority, and bring them to the right person in your agency to contact Norm Rice at the HCA. Another indication is that letters from the U.S. Treasury or letters from one of their private collection offices assign their own identification number and do not list the person`s name in the collection release. You should contact norm rice for help. Congress passed legislation (Section 6202 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989) to provide CMS with better information about the Group Health Plan (GHP) coverage of Medicare recipients. The law required the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Social Security Administration ("SSA") and the CMS to exchange information about whether Medicare recipients or their spouses were working. The process of sharing this information has been called IRS-SSA-CMS Data Match.

The purpose of the data card was to identify situations in which another payer, such as a GHP, would have had to pay all or part of a claim paid by Medicare. Second, when reviewing service contracts (especially with ATP for group health plans), employers should ensure that the ECA is required to complete the reports. A timely report helps identify claims wrongly filed with Medicare in a timely manner. This can avoid further headaches for the employer on the street. While the IRS-SSA-CMS data compliance process is complete, CMS encourages employers to consider entering into a voluntary data sharing agreement ("VDSA") with CMS to exchange ghp and Medicare authorization data. Some large employers have already entered into VDSAs with CMS to exchange coverage information. For more information about the VDSA program, see the Voluntary Data Sharing Agreement page here. Timing is extremely important for these packages of needs. It is essential that they do not sit on someone`s desk without the intervention.

CMS COB&R has some good information on its website. Please ensure that you have a primary and secondary person who understands the process and can respond within the timeframes indicated in the letters you receive from CMS COB&R. Unless an MSP case is resolved by a full payment or defense valid within 60 days, interest on the debt begins to fall on Day 61. Partial payment or partial defense does not set the schedule. On day 61, a letter intente to refer (ITR) is generated to indicate that the CMS COB&R intends to return the debt to the U.S. Treasury for collection. . . .

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