Tivo User Agreement

Before you begin, make sure you`re running the latest iOS software and that you`ve connected a compatible TiVo box to your home network. To change settings or get help, tap the rack icon at the top of the screen (on iPad) or tap More settings > (on iPhone). Note: If you stop the stream, you have the option to keep or delete the live recording. Control your tiVo-Box via the TiVo app. Just tap the remote icon at the bottom of an iPad screen or tap More > remote on an iPhone to install the app`s remote. You may need to scroll down to see all the buttons. Note: The remote is not available if you are not on your home network. In-home streaming is only available on your home network. Note: Rental is prohibited on mobile devices and tablets using the SECV app.

Find, explore, and watch shows with just a few finger tips on the screen. Try it: TiVo customers can stream live TV, recordings, and on-demand content from their TiVo to a mobile device or tablet connected to your Home Wi-Fi network. The SECV TiVo app turns your mobile device into a portable TiVo box! Just download the TiVo app to get started...

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