Spanish Agreement 2 Words

There were no significant effects on L1 or previous exposure to another second language with sex. The results are discussed in the context of two different theories on the possibility of resetting the parameter in non-ative acquisition, namely the hypothesis of failed functional characteristics and the hypothesis of complete transfer with full access. The results correspond to the latter hypothesis. Can children who are just beginning to learn a grammatical sex language use sex marking in the interpretation of spoken sentences? Studies using eye-tracking techniques have followed the course of sentence interpretation of very young children learning English (e.g.B Fernald, Pinto, Swingley, Weinberg & McRoberts, 1998; Swingley & Aslin, 2002) and Spanish (Hurtado, Marchman, & Fernald, 2007). Just as adults gradually process language, 2-year-olds can identify familiar words that are not yet complete (Fernald, Swingley, &Pinto, 2001; Swingley, Pinto, & Fernald, 1999) and deal with morphosynticctic irregularities that allow them to more effectively identify future content words (Fernald & Hurtado, 2006). For example, 2-year-old English learners expect an object name to follow an article (Zangl & Fernald, in print) and are already able to integrate prosodic information with knowledge of determinant distribution patterns to anticipate the type of word to come (Kouider, Halberda, Wood, & Carey, 2006; Thorpe & Fernald, 2006). Other bitterness teaches you with your grids stretched by the form of time, and pronouns begin to become more and more familiar, and this is the sorted correspondence. The solution for the Spanish agreements has already been found: 2 wds. .

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