Security Agreement Eurlex

b) ensure that classified information or materials submitted to this agreement retain the security classification provided by the supplying party. The receiving party protects and protects classified information or classified documents in accordance with the security rules of its own security rules relating to information or materials with an equivalent security classification, in accordance with the end of the security agreement established in accordance with the security agreements to be defined in accordance with Articles 11 and 12; (b) Security assistance procedures are designed to determine whether a person can access classified information or documents based on loyalty, reliability and reliability. The agreements between the EU and different countries aim to strengthen the security of their citizens through the exchange of classified information and to put in place mechanisms to ensure the security of information. Considering that, at the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council held in Florence on 24 May 2000, the NATO Secretary General was tasked with immediately contacting the European Union and, in anticipation of the planned consultations on this matter, preparing the ground for future security agreements between the two parties, considering that NATO and the European Union have agreed , following the decisions taken by the heads of state and government of NATO member states in Washington and at subsequent ministerial meetings, as well as at the European Councils in Feira, Nice, Gothenburg and Laeken, that consultations and cooperation on issues of common interest related to security, defence and crisis management will be developed in order to deal with crises with the most appropriate military response and a Effective crisis management The parties provide legal assistance with respect to the security of classified information or material submitted to this agreement and security issues of common interest. The authorities conduct mutual security consultations within the meaning of Article 11 in order to assess the effectiveness of security agreements within their respective responsibilities, which must be defined in accordance with Articles 11 and 12. Aware that such access to classified information and related materials requires appropriate security measures; (a) the parties ensure that all persons in their respective organizations who, in the course of their official duties, may provide access to confidential or superior classified information or material, provided that appropriate security services are granted under this agreement before accessing such information and materials, provided they are properly provided under this agreement; Each entity of the parties, defined in Article 3 of this agreement, has a security organisation and security programmes based on the fundamental principles and minimum security standards implemented in the parties` security systems, which must be implemented in accordance with Articles 11 and 12, to ensure the application of a level of protection equivalent to classified information or material submitted to this agreement.

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