Partnership Agreement Between Two Schools

Partnership agreements schools can expect to see a school counselor more often to support school improvement and day-to-day problems; free and reduced training places for teachers and governors, as well as various discounts, such as .B. preferential prices at the annual leaders` conference. We are convinced that this agreement offers excellent value for money and expresses our commitment to each other within the ecclesiastical school family. Schools quickly recover the annual subscription fee through the services they have access to during the year. However, we are aware that most schools need much more than these basic services and that joining our partnership agreement gives you much more support, tailored to your specific needs, which far exceeds the cost of the partnership agreement. These additional benefits are listed below. "Recognizing its Christian base, the school will preserve and develop its religious character according to the principles of the Church of England, in partnership with the Church, at the parish and diocesan level." Your school is a valued member of the community of the Diocese of Chelmsford and this partnership agreement is an important element in allowing us to support your school. The vast majority of our ecclesiastical schools sign it and recognize that it plays an important role in the fact that our service in all schools can remain at the highest level. Dioceses must provide a number of essential services to all schools, whether or not they contribute. However, your school receives less from us and the services you buy will cost much more. In Chelmsford, this "basic service" includes legal expectations and administration, as well as basic support from school trustees. The details of this limited basic service are presented in this prospectus. Your diocesan school team does not receive public money.

Instead, its viability is based on four sources of income; (a) schools themselves through this partnership agreement, b) investment revenues, c) external charities, (d) contributions from diocesan households (ultimately voluntary collection of church visitors). We are united, rooted in our inclusive Christian identity. Our school team assists you with visits from consultants and other services, including; Improved teaching, courses and conferences, re-support, preparation of SIAMS, recruitment of headteachers, support in fields as varied as buildings, the renovation of the academy and many other subjects. Your school`s participation in our partnership agreement is an important element in making this possible and providing excellent value for money. This prospectus contains the partnership service agreement between the Diocese of Chelmsford and our ecclesiastical schools. We are committed to providing our schools with the best possible service. The rights received by all schools, partnership and non-partnership, include: from the "Etho Declaration" in the constitution of each school of the Church of England. If you decide not to cooperate with us, please let us know. Please note that if you decide not to partner with us, we will charge you for each service in addition to our basic support. This amount is currently US$225 per session.

The partnership agreement defines your school`s contribution to the total cost of diocesan aid to your school, as well as a series of enhanced benefit fees.

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