Latihan Soal Subject Verb Agreement

Discussion: The subject of the above interrogation game is you (singular), so it also requires singular verbs. Answer: a discussion: rice and beans is a unique food union (my favorite dish) that is a single topic, so it also requires a single verb. Answer: c Discussion: The theme of the above sentence (political) is one thing (singular), so it uses singular verbs instead of the plural. Answer: d Discussion: Most in the first sentence above is not substantive (we cannot count the amount of milk), while in the second sentence the name can be clearly calculated, which is six gallons (plural). The first sentence uses a singular verb and the second sentence uses a plural verb. Answer:d Discussion: In a conjunction like ... or not just... but also the verbs follow the subject more precisely. In the sentence above, the specialized teacher (singular) is closer to the verb, so that the verb must also be (a) unique. Answer: c #Soal 10 policy ...

Sometimes it`s a dirty business. a.b. have c.c. is #Soal 7 EBTANAS SMP 1987 Amir and Udin ... Playing football now is b. are c. war d. were Diskussion: it is a singular subject, so it also requires singular verbs. Answer: c #Soal 2 One of my best friends... an employee in that company. a.

are b. is c. a #Soal 3 Not only students, but also their teacher ... was called into the director`s office. a. have b. is c. a d. are #Soal 9 rice and beans, my favorite dish, ... I was from my Puerto Rican mother. a. recalls b.

recalling the memory of #Soal 6 EBTANAS SMP 1986 M. X: Where does Susie live? Mr. Y: You ... On Cendana Street. a. live b. live d. live d. live #Soal 4 Most milk ... I went wrong. Six litres of milk... Always in the fridge.

a. have - is b. is - have c. have - a. a - are #Soal 1 Kunti is the only one of those students who... to live up to the potential described in the directory. a. hat b.c. is d. had #Soal 8 EBTANAS SMP 1988 ...

Are you happy to receive your father`s gift last month? a. Are b. Were v. Was d. What is the discussion: One of my best friends is an employee of this company. The theme of the sentence above is one that is a singular subject and also requires singular verbs. Don`t be fooled by your friends. Answer: b #Soal 5 Each of the students and trainers in this building ... by next year, a new facility. a.

Hope b. hopes for hope to.

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