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7. This Committee shall also exercise the functions previously performed by the Joint Committee on Community-Swiss Inland Transport set up under Article 18 of the 1992 Agreement. The Joint Committee may decide, by mutual agreement, to depart from these conditions in certain cases. The certificate referred to in Article 18(6) of the Agreement shall be issued by the competent authority of Switzerland or by the Member State of the European Community in which the vehicle is registered. - to take, within the framework of their competences, the necessary infrastructure and operational measures in Switzerland and on community territory to ensure the long-term viability, cohesion and integration of Swiss capacities into a long-distance rail system 2. The average price of rail or combined transport through Switzerland must not exceed the cost of a vehicle with a maximum weight of 40 tonnes that can travel 300 km through the Alps. In particular, the average price of accompanied combined transport ("heavy goods vehicles on the train") must not exceed the cost of road transport (road taxes and variable costs). (3) In order to obtain the safety certificate, the railway undertaking must comply with Swiss law as regards the part of the line situated in Switzerland and Community legislation relating to the part of the line situated within the territory of the Community. 2. This Agreement shall be concluded initially for a period of seven years. It shall be extended indefinitely, unless the Community or Switzerland notifies the other Party to the contrary before the expiry of the initial period. If such communication is made, paragraph 4 shall apply. 2.

However, it remains permissible to exercise existing rights under the bilateral agreements in force between the Member States of the Community and Switzerland, unless there is discrimination between Community air carriers and there is no distortion of competition. These rights are listed in Annex 8 to this Agreement. If Switzerland wishes to take the safeguard measures referred to in Article 46 of the Agreement, the following conditions shall apply. With regard to the application of the fees referred to in Article 40(4) of the Agreement, Switzerland declares that it shall fix the actual charges in force until the opening of the first base tunnel or until 1 January 2008, whichever is earlier, below the ceiling allowed by that provision. . . .

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