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26. Can joint ventures obtain LFFs? If a joint venture is selected for a classified contract, it can be sponsored for an FCL. If the contract is concluded with a joint venture, the joint venture must be liquidated for an FCL, even if all the partners of the joint venture are authorized. DCSA will determine the SME of a joint venture on the basis of a revision of the joint enterprise agreement. The joint venture must receive the necessary FCL before the contract is renewed. For more information on joint ventures, visit www.dss.mil`es (Defense Security Service Small Business Guide - Facility Clearance Process). Both the FCL and LCL have advantages and disadvantages. FCL gave birth to the LCL industry due to the demand to ship a smaller cargo volume by sea without having to pay for the entire container space. Understanding the differences between the two marine cargo agreements will give the buyer a better understanding of the best method to use depending on the location and volume of the shipment.

The fall of communism in Poland in 1989 initiated the country`s transition from a planned economy to a market economy. [3] High debt hampered Poland`s transition with annual loans and interest payments of $10.3 billion, or one-sixth of the country`s gross domestic product (GDP). [4] Poland`s first IMF agreement was approved in February 1990 for a one-year term of SDR 545 million. [6] Although the country relied heavily on IMF financing, particular attention was paid to the conditionality of the loan, a criterion for economic reform. [4] If you ship via FCL and use the Incoterm FOB contract, the following calculations are necessary to understand the delivery costs: The entire transit time is also an advantage for the FCL agreement over LCL, as the entire container is transported directly to the final destination. Direct deliveries reduce the extra time required to de-save an LCL delivery before the final delivery step to the buyer`s final sites is completed. FCL can save an average of 4 to 7 days compared to an LCL show. Differences from the 1990 political reform were noted after the signing of the second IMF agreement in April 1991. [7] Over the next two years (1991-1992), the budget deficit rose from 3% to 7% as a percentage of GDP and an inflation rate of 44%. [9] As a result, the IMF suspended Poland from the EFF in June 1991, two months after the initial authorization was granted.

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