Deferred Prosecution Agreement Di Indonesia

Serious Fraud Office, "Defered Prosecution Agreement",, uploaded April 20, 2019 According to Dr. Asep N. Mulyana, it often finds problems when dealing with economic crime cases. Ahmad Iqbal Master of Law University of Indonesia Achmad, Aang, "BLBI Case Study: Shift of Public Law into The Field of Private Law", Pulpit Law, Vol. 23 No. 3 October 2011, Yogyakarta: Universitas Gadjah Mada. Explaining the importance of the principle of dominus litis, which has the importance of the prosecutor as the leader of the case, Asep stressed that the concept of DPA can be applied in Indonesia. With regard to the authority of the prosecutor as a prosecutor, Asep also explained the principle of oportunitas, which gives the prosecutor general the prerogative to continue or stop the conduct of a procedure. Singleton, Royce.

1988. Approaches to Social Research, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Rasamala Aritonang, "Memidana Corporation,", uploaded March 26, 2019. The discussion "Deffered Prosecution Agreement (DPA) in the Criminal Justice System in Indonesia" took place at the FHUI Assembly Hall (17/02/20), Depok. A speaker was present during the discussion, Professor Edward O.S. Hiariej. S.H., M.Hum., Asep N. Mulyana and Dr. Febby M.N., S.H., M.H. Maglie, Cristina, "Models of Corporate Criminal Liability in Comparative Law," Wasinghton University Law Review, Vol. 4 no.

547 January 2005, United States: Washington University of Law. Asep said the precedent of applying the DPA concept already exists in the country. He revealed that one day there was a transaction to buy and sell garlic between a conspirator in the Middle East and a business unit in China. During the payment process, the money that was supposed to go to China was transferred to one of the country`s red disk banks. This debate was launched to discuss the impact of the damage caused by lawsuits on crime in the business sector, which intensifies when police officers or other stakeholders do not pay attention to many things. Sjahdeini, Sutan Remy. 2006. Corporate Criminal Liability, Jakarta: Press Graffiti. "Often the person concerned has argued that this is the domain of cases, our decision is to know what are the case decisions in which prosecutors, police, KPK intervened," said Dr. Asep N. Mulyana The discussion began with the presentation of Dr. Asep N.

Mulyana by dissecting his book entitled "Defeered Prosecution Agreement in Business Crimes". On the occasion of the book`s operation, Asep said that DPA means that the authority remains the property of the prosecutor to conduct prosecutions, but prosecutors agree with the business units not to prosecute. In other countries, a discourse has developed on the economic impact of the repressive process. To illustrate this, prosecutors or the DoJ have used mechanisms in the United States from the Office Prosecution Agreement (DPA) and the Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) as a form of economic approach to law enforcement. This mechanism aims to avoid the domino effect of the use of criminal instruments in the economy. As part of this seizure, law enforcement officers in Indonesia were horrified by the fact that one of the assets in this case, the yacht Equanimity of Malaysian billionaire Jho Low, the 3.5 trillion Rp. , while anchored in the waters of Tanjung Benoa Bali, was also seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in collaboration with Bareskrim Mabes Polri in February 2018. . . .

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