Cupfa Collective Agreement Concordia

Concordia values every faculty and employee and respects their right to be represented by a union or staff association. We strive to develop and maintain positive, respectful and constructive relationships with all groups of employees, during negotiations and throughout the duration of negotiated agreements. We negotiate at the bargaining table, with the bargaining teams selected by the different groups of workers for this purpose. "Signing a new agreement is more than a formality. It`s time to acknowledge the hard work and cooperation that has gone into the negotiations," said Nadia Hardy, vice president of Faculty Relations. The collective agreements and collective bargaining section contains all the collective agreements in force at Concordia, the most up-to-date information on our collective bargaining activities and collective bargaining in general. For more information, please see the FAQ. Work on the new agreement began more than a year ago and culminated in an agreement on the terms of the extension in the summer. CUPFA members then ratified the provisional agreement and Concordia`s Board of Governors approved it on August 25.

On 12 December 2018, Concordia`s Board of Governors approved the agreement in principle with CUFA. Read the news of the agreement in principle approved with the CUFA. We cannot promote your interests alone. However, abuses do not necessarily mean war. Very often, we manage to negotiate an agreement that would satisfy both parties. Your complaint with the association is also confidential. The new collective agreement will come into force retroactively to May 1, 2015, when the old one will end. It is valid until 31 December 2017, the duration agreed by both parties. CTLS has a great professional records workshop that will allow you to learn more about how to do your best. Visit their website for the next workshop they will offer on professional Teaching Dossiers in You will find a copy of the list of seniors on your portal.

As soon as you access "My Portal", go to the My Concordia menu and click on Faculty & Staff Services. In the Employee Self Service menu, you will find the link to cupfa Seniority List and can access it to your senior credits. In addition, your service administrator can provide you with a copy. Updated printed lists will be published in your department in February of each year, and it`s time to check for errors. To correct an error or check the progress of your work, contact Suzanne Downs, the offices of the Propstes in and copy the Association: Please note that it is the member`s responsibility to ensure that your classification and seniority are correct. NOTE: If, for medical reasons (e.g. B illness or accident), you must be on leave for a course (or part of your course), be sure to fill out the human resources short-term disability forms. You are entitled to 100% of your salary for the first month and 85% of your salary for the remaining part of your apprenticeship contract or apprenticeship contracts.

Short-term disability insurance is available to you as soon as you have signed an apprenticeship contract, so please contact Benefits in Human Resources ( and download the short-term disability form from the HR ( website. We will communicate with teachers, staff, students, parents and interest groups about the status of collective bargaining in a way that does not interfere with or disrupt the collective bargaining process. Contact the association immediately ( Not only is there no impact on the exercise of your right to grieve, but the right to grieve without intimidation is included in both the Quebec Labour Act (section 15 of the Code) and our collective agreement (section 12). If you think you are being asked to perform tasks that go beyond what is reasonable or expected in your work or in accordance with your contract, or if you are unsure of the extent of your responsibilities, if your academic freedom is compromised, if you are not aware of the ethics of the research, Read Article 4 and Article 9 of the collective agreement. . . .

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