Aqha Horse Lease Agreement

Adrienne and Taft Dickerson - We think the leasing program was a great idea. Like many great ideas, it was abused. Originally, the program was designed for people to have a beautiful horse that might not be able to afford that level of horse and get their feet wet in the industry. The program was not used by these people, but for child coaches or clients who can afford it. This arrangement is not unique. Many exhibitors and owners use rental programs, which are now offered by various racial associations and the National Snaffle Bit Association. For APHA, the leasing program began in January 2015. A person completes the rental form provided by APHA. It has the signatures of the tenant and the landlord with the start and end date. In order to terminate the lease prematurely, each party can inform APHA in writing of the termination at any time.

This year, there have been some controversies over the APHA leasing rules that the APHA is currently addressing. "I keep it out of the loop," she said. "Show your horse, don`t listen to people. I tell parents that they do not commit. People who can afford to buy a horse will buy a horse to compete. Why don`t they want to buy it to avoid criticism." Leigh thinks that the children of trainers who show off rented horses could take unfair flacks. Vroegh explained that it was possible for her to rent a horse on the (APHA) Youth World in July. Jerry Erickson - Since leasing was allowed, I have rented three horses with good results. Two of them were in the possession of today`s clients who had life situations in which they could not appear for two years. The beginner division had been such a boom to get a new blood, to test the shows of the AQHA, but now even this division is dominated by the famous horses that are passed on each year to another authorized rider. Vroegh also finds rental opportunities through their personal network. In 2017, American Quarter Horse Association competitor Katherine Tobin was in a difficult situation.

She had bought Hereicomagain (Chloé), a brown mare from Good I Will Be and Lookouthereicome in January 2013, and the mare has already won Green Western Pleasure classes and racing up AQHA points. Tobin knew she had the potential to become a great show horse, but as a select amateur rider, Tobin wasn`t quite ready to take the mare. Parris Rice - I think the leasing program is really driving the growth of the industry. There are many people who have the opportunity to show in the youth and amateur sections who would otherwise not have been able to do so because of financial or other circumstances. Often, people who have rented a horse for a while continue to buy and show a horse. It rejects criticism that leasing could discourage competition by intimidating high-level horses. Fortunately, the new buyer was a beginner and did not plan to show the horse in the amateur department until 2017, so this provision did not cause the sale (Note: the new owner was able to show the horse in the beginners department, because the property is not necessary). Blake Carney — I think the leasing program could be a great option for someone who is not ready or unable to buy a quality horse to get their feet wet in the APHA arena. One thing that has personally always bothered me about leasing in general is how to tell a customer that they are going to buy an expensive horse, but another can rent one? Let`s start with the rules for renting a horse for breeding (Rule 225).

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