A Chance Agreement Quest

It will be necessary to replace a merchant, to convert it to a stolen ring. In fact, it is precisely this ring that we need to get from another local dealer. A special random rule does not require a thief, but I advise you to be ahead of the thieves. I also advise you to read the task carefully, as it is quite difficult to understand what you want to steal from someone the first time, but it is possible. What is particularly disconcerting is that the necessary ring is not at Madesi`s own (a argonier, local jeweler), but in a chest in his stable. "A Random Encounter" in "Skyrim" is the name of one of the quests in The Elder Scrolls V. There is no need for mods or supplements for its appearance. It`s on display in Riften. To complete the task, the character receives 100 septims and can continue the search for the wool chain. In each scenario above, the Dragonborn returns to Brynjolf without pay and continues the quest line, while Brand-Shei is retained as a seller. The "Taking Care of Business" quest begins at the end of this quest. The task is spent within the group of thieves.

This is one of the first quests Dragonborn faces after joining the Thieves Guild. He`s really an expert on Falmer language. But he categorically refuses to show his work. You can enter his trust by completing the quest, or you can steal the key from the pedestal behind him and sneak into the museum by passing the guard. By the way. Anyway, the guard will talk to you for the first time, even if you`re invisible. Consider this. So, whatever the path, we left for the museum. There will be guards and lots of light. Take the path to the entrance of the colselmo laboratory.

But if you trust your skills, you can search that space and look for something useful or expensive. He`ll be there. In the lab, at the very beginning, you can steal the control bar of the spider. The order in the newspaper is close. And here`s the spider: we`re going to follow him. Slowly, guards will arrive on the way. I advise you to take all the torches of the holders on the way - less light, which means that there is less chance of getting noticed. Kill the guards quietly or pass - it depends on your preferences. The main thing is not to make any fuss. In fact, the guards also walk with torches, which complicates our lizard hunt. It is better to walk at night - less chance of being noticed by the guards. And this is our entrance into the sewers.

If you talk to him, he`ll talk about your talent to discover his cunning at Riften`s main gate (if you`ve convinced the guards to let you through) and talk about how he suspects your inventory is made of stolen goods and how you can earn more if you help him with a small task. This is the beginning of the Thieves` Guild quest series. Accept the offer and he will ask you to steal and plant a ring from a nearby seller, Madesi, which rings on Brand-Shei, who is also a seller in this area. He explains that this is a warning for Brand-Shei not to interfere in the affairs of other peoples. He will ask you to tell him if you are ready, so that he can offer you a little distraction to accomplish your task.

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