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Entire History of National Prevaricator Deleted by Russian Bots

Imagine Our Shock: When we came into the Home Office to work from home today during the COVID-19 Outbreak, we were shocked to discover that all content dating back to the twentieth century had been inexplicably and irrevocably removed from our databases.

We suspect Russian Bots.

Let’s apply a little ratiocination here….

Russia exists. We looked at a map. It used to be the USSR; now it’s just Russia. It was scarier before, but here’s where we are.

Bots exist. Probably. Like, people talk about them. People talk about minotaurs, too; but you ever hear anyone imply that they’re indigenous to Russia. So Bots exist.

Where Bots exist, and Russia exists, we can surmise that Bots exist within Russia. Minotaurs too, maybe; but that’s not important right now.

If Russian Bots exist, and that’s what we’re going with here, then Russian Bots do things to websites. Because what else would they do. QED.

If is a website, and that appears to be the case, then Russian Bots do things to it.

Deleting websites is a thing done by Russian Bots to websites. So we’re all caught up on that.

Ergo: русский Bots have deleted all the content on, dating back to the twentieth century.

And now we have a lot to do.

We’ll get it all filled up with whatever new stuff soon enough. It’ll just take time and determination and водка.

We appreciate your patience in these uncertain times….


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